Babyark – Convertible Car Seat, Charcoal Grey/Glacier Ice


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Babyark – Convertible Car Seat, Charcoal Grey/Glacier Ice is the safest car seat ever engineered, creating a new standard of safety. Engineered with military-grade patented technology which saved hundreds of people around the world, and built using the strongest, most reliable materials. The patented energy absorbing technology together with the unique nature-inspired structure and advanced materials, transform impact into controlled movement that reduces potential impact to baby’s head, neck and body. Babyark is the first digital, smart car seat – it displays live checks during the installation to ensure it is done safely and correctly every time, and equipped with sensors that also monitor how safe the seat is at all times to give a constant peace while driving.
‘cheats time’, breaking the seat’s forward momentum in a controlled and measured manner. The ANKR™ rigid no-flex system keeps the seat completely secure at time of impact, providing a necessary anchor-point to all other shock-absorbing mechanisms at play. Equipped with 14 sensors, and developed to constantly monitor a wide range of parameters, the ACTV8™ Smart Base provides previously unimagined levels of control and information straight to the palm of your hand.
babyark’s innovative side-impact protection biomimics the woodpecker’s intricate brain protection structure that diffuses the impact of every blow while it pecks for food. This provides unparalleled energy distribution, reducing the accelerations transferred to the structure. To put the extent of this brain protection system into perspective, with each peck, the woodpecker’s head endures a G-force of more than 1000 times that of gravity and 100 times more than what a grown person’s head can withstand.
The babyark headrest acts as an active and resilient buffer that minimizes jostling and jolting while providing superior comfort. The D3O polymer absorbs the brunt of the impact, and is commonly used in the protective gear of top athletes, race drivers and even by frontline military personnel. It is a significant upgrade to the styrofoam used in most headrests. The egg-shaped carbon fiber frame balances between its unique impact-diffusing design and its carbon fiber composition, which is 7 times more resilient than steel, and light enough to carry around without any effort. It is also wear and tear resistant.

The babyark app guides you with simple, step-by-step installation instructions and provides reassuring visual confirmation that the seat has been properly installed and the baby has been buckled up. Stay up to date with a wide range of status notifications — like remembering to take them out to letting you know when the babysitter picked them up. As your child grows, we will remind you to make the required adjustments to your babyark — from adjusting orientation, to reconfiguring the headrest.