Nuna – Pipa Series Travel Bag


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Pack up and head out, easily toting the Nuna PIPA™ series travel bag with any PIPA series car seat and baseinside.The innerstraps hold your gear securely in place. With the outer straps, wear your travel bag as a backpack, conveniently keeping your hands free. Our extended warranty covers the product you’ve packed, as well as the travel bag itself, giving you peace of mind on every journey.

PIPA travel bag includes Nuna Boarding Pass – an extended one-year warranty for any PIPA series infant car seat used inside
Simply register your bag and car seat before departure to be eligible for an extended one-year warranty against damage that occurs during travel.
Fits any combination of PIPA series infant car seat and base
Adjustable straps on the bag’s interior secure a car seat if you choose to pack with or without a base.
Sturdy structure is protective for car seat and base
Backpackable with carry straps
Luggage tag pocket
Multiple carry handles
Durable weatherproof material