Uppababy – MESA Max Infant Car Seat Base


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An extra MESA Max infant car seat base allows you flexibility and ease of travel. Ideal for multiple family vehicles: no more swapping car seat bases between relatives, babysitters or spouses. The SmartSecure™ System featuring self-retracting mini LATCH connectors and a tightness indicator makes correct installation quick and easy.

The Mesa Max Infant Car Seat Base is not compatible with the Mesa or Mesa V2 Infant Car Seat models.

• SMARTSecure® System installs in seconds
• Bubble level indicators on both sides
• Red-to-green tightness indicator
• Auto-retracting LATCH for effortless installation
• Built-in lock-off for secure seat belt installation
• Streamlined, low-profile base with finished bottom

Anti-Rebound+ Panel for increased safety in rebound + rear-impact collisions

Four-position adjustable foot for easy leveling

Load leg limits forward rotation in a frontal crash and reduces the potential for head and neck injury

Visual confirmation for load leg installation